Senin, 12 April 2010


"I don’t have any reason to see him.
That thought is disturbing me.
Hey, Logic, think!
Give me some ideas!
May I see him without any reason?"

"If you don’t have any reason, so you shouldn’t see him,"

"I know.
I used to see him.
If I don’t do that, I feel like…
Missing him."

"Hmm.. I think I can guess who he is,"

"Really? Hm, I don’t care.
Even your guess’ true, it won’t help,"

"Do you still care about him?"

Hard question.
I don’t know.
I hope I still care about him.
I just don’t have any reason to.."

"You know, caring about him is a reason to see him."


"If you think that you don’t need to see him,
maybe it’s a sign that you stop caring about him."


"And if you stop caring, you stop loving."

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