Jumat, 18 Maret 2011


I love Gemini!
I'm not one of those who believe in horoscope. But I have interest in reading the description of my personality or character like i see in horoscope page in the magazines.

I like my zodiac: Gemini. Even i've read that now zodiac is becoming 13 so i'm not under Gemini sign anymore, i can't accept it. I am Gemini, now & then.
Even if someday my parents say, "Sinta, actually you was born on 29th of February. But we don't wanna celebrate your birthday only once in every four years, so we changed the date.", still, I am Gemini. Period. *insist. Heuheu.

There is a blog which the content is all about zodiac.
I like every posts about Geminis. Below are my favourite. Check them out!

Intelectually challenging careers are best for those who carrying Gemini sign.

A Gemini female is amongst the most desirable in the zodiac

As a Gemini, whether you're a friend or a lover, you're one of the main reasons of the planet can be fun for the rest of us

Gemini's are extremely curious. They are the most lighthearted sign in the zodiac.

Gemini's don't know what they want. They think they know. But then it changes.

Once a Gemini is over you, it's really over. Don't ever take a "break" with Gemini. It won't ever come back around to the way it was.

Often, Geminis seek friendship first and, once a mental bond is established, the friendship deepens into love. But this happens when they're really ready for something serious.

Some Geminis are sharp-tongued and incosiderate, they think only of themselves and their own pleasure.

Do keep up! If you bore your Gemini, they will be gone faster than you can blink.

Do not tell you Gemini to stop flirting. Gemini is a natural society butterfly, and won't understand why you want to repress their instinct

I am Gemini and I'm proud of it. How about you? :)

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