Rabu, 07 Maret 2012

Gemini (Part 3)

1. likes: communicating, being imaginative, living in variety, having many things to do, reading.
2. is the part of the zodiac where an either/or attitude is perfectly acceptable.
3. are never satisfied with one pursuit at a time. It's as if they had two lives to live in only one lifetime.
4. can find a partner in the most unlikely candidate. They are more interested in what your mind has to offer rather than your body.
5. women don't back down easily.
6. aren't scared to love, they just want to find someone deserving enough to love.
7. have a hard time overcoming old habits.
8. like to keep their private life private. They value their privacy highly and expect you to do so too.
9. : The struggle will make the outcome sweeter. Don't give up.
10. Wondering if still thinks of you? Chances are they probably don't, don't live in the past.
11. disperse their energy on various projects during the same time. They cannot concentrate on only one.
12. are great negotiators and are analytical and adaptive.
13. ’s secret to success is learning to focus on what really matters.
14. love deep intimate conversations.
15. works hard.. for about five minutes!
16. It's best to stay out of their way while is doing their thing. Some space please.
17. are outgoing and yet they have a side that they don't let people get close to. They don't wanna get hurt too soon.
18. would prefer someone with a good intellect over someone who is nice looking any day.
19. When a says he/she misses you, it means that they do miss you, but they also might like you more than you know.
20. It is also essential to note that people do not like to waste time.
21. The woman is the sassy one, the charmer of the zodiac.

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